Wednesday, 7 November 2012

More monster scribbles...

While the Otyugh stuff is on hiatus (I need to do some more scribbles of it's internal structure), here's a pic of a Gnoll...

... and a Bulette:

I like the Bulette because, as with the Otyugh, it's a bit of an oddity. Mind you, I've not put much thought into getting the details right (i.e. the armoured bits). It's just interesting to play around with as a design. If anything, I need to stress the 'armoured armadillo' vibe of it some more.

As for the Gnoll, it's another D&D creature that I find interesting. They're a bit more uncouth and raggedy than your average Orc, Kobold or Goblin. The only problem area with design is how much the neck should extend from the shoulders. The hyena-like features would suggest a longish neck, but I'm not sure yet if it looks right. I think I need to do more studies of hyenas to get my Gnoll looking less like a dog.


  1. You've got a hint of the hyena down already, but you don't need to extend the neck too much, just make it more pronounced, as if it carries on further up the back of the skull.

  2. My line of thinking was that the neck may actually be a tad too long, if anything else. I know that hyeneas have long necks for a reason, but was pondering whether this would also apply to gnoll.